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Load Library Failed

Hey wassup guys, recently new to the site and already really liking it.I have one small problem though. I successfully DL the client and obviously made an account and was ready to start recording my lol games, but my client suffers from the load library failing; error code 1114. My internet is always running and isnt dcing when i start client. I was wondering if any of you could help? I would really love to start watching my recordings to assist in my journey to plat. If you know anything id also love to hear that as well, thank you. ^_^

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I also now. I do not know what you want to solve this problem. PlaysTV When is time, tells us the solution to this problem.

I live in South Korea. I'm also now be more grammar using a translator. But I'm so frustrated.Error article posted 3 months ago still do not know why there are no answers. Only authorized people it takes some special errors? Ahh.. I'll just sleep and sleep.

@Mes5_uP - 

Let's try the obvious solutions to see if it fixes it. Otherwise, I'd like to see a screenshot of the error.

  • Elevate the Client as Administrator
  • Check Firewall/Antivirus for barriers
  • Reinstall the Client

Let me know the results.
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