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Recording bug in LOL

Hi! need some help fixing that. My videos look like this, why?


Hi, Akane.

We know that the pixelization issue happens with NVidia cards and windows 10.  Does that description fit your system? 

 If so, there's a fix coming your way. It should be out in the next release. Sorry that your videos got all messed up like that. 


Hi Donutsfordinner,

Yes, its just that. I´m running W10 and i have GeForce GT 750M. I´ll wait for the next patch. Thank you very much!

Do you guys know when the patch should be???

Hey, I'm having this same problem right now. Has the patch come out yet?

@Slythion - Yes and No. While it did fix it for some people that shouldn't be getting it, there are some that are getting it. I have gone ahead and requested logs from the ticket you made about this same issue.

Hey i'm having the same issue with windows 10 and a 750ti can anyone help me fix this?

@Boone1 - I replied back to the forum post you made about your issue.

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