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CS:GO Crashes sometimes while on

Not always but sometimes my game crashes because of

I am on Windows 7 Ultimate and I have the newest drivers for everything on my pc.


GPU: R9 280

CPU: Intel Xeon E3 v1231

12GB Ram

2x 128GB SSD


Mainboard: h87 pro4

It only crashes when I have on, when I don't play with I can play straight over 10 hours without any issues. 

How can I fix this issue?

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Same issue here with windows 10.

@Driver - When does it crash?

Does it only crash CSGO so far?

Does disabling or it's recording functions resolve the issue?

Sad. 4 months ago and this problem still occurs actively. 

It crashes randomly while playing CS GO, no matter if I'm recording or not.
playing Deadpool,  BF4 or the Star Wars BF does not crash.

** Update - after install a new version of Plays seems solved the issue.


That isn't true. I read that updating will solve the issue the other day, updated and later that night it crashed my H1Z1 game. I am on the newest version and it still crashes game.

Typically if a game is crashing, and it's one that is played very often (like CSGO) the issue is usually something unique to the specific user's PC. As such, we can investigate by receiving a ticket with logs attached to determine what the issue might be. 

srsly cant you fix this problem. I had this problem half a year ago and havent used since. Now i thought they schould have fixed it and tried to record some cs go but it crashed again. And I dont think it´s a unique problem with the specific user´s PC. It´s just that is too heavy for many graphic cards and they cant handle the pressure so some applications need to be closed.

@eliasnj - isn't that heavy if you compare a lot of the recording software. It would kind of defeat the point if we couldn't run with a game running in the background. However, there is a lot of determining factors in place. We test on a wide variety of cards for different games. If we notice it crashing consistently, then we go back and figure out why and fix it before the users even get that version of the client.

Typically when we see a game is crashing, it can sometimes be easily chocked up to driver issues, a specific game we know that has issues, mods, anti-cheat programs or 3rd party software, resolution problems, etc. We are willing to dig in and try to find it, but unless we get tickets/logs about the issue there really isn't anything we can present to engineering about fixing an issue.

I would love to show you guys a recording of the crash, but my PC is crashing during the recording. So far I have tried rollback to 16.3.2, even 16.3.1 or 15.x, but the problem is the same. I think the real issue is the resolution. It was running fine when my display was 1920x1080 and the recording the same, but when I switched to a 24" screen with 1920x1200 resolution, the crashing started to occur.


@savysb - Thanks for letting me know about the change. I'll reply back in the ticket you made to see if we can gather more information.

There's another reply in my inbox, so I will quote it and give an answer.
Sorry for the late reply.
We're currently investigating the issue. Some things you may want to try is to check to see if it's only happening in CSGO, or all games you play. Also let us know what is exactly crashing: Client, CSGO, both?
Additionally, if it's possible, since you have 2 monitors can you try playing it at 1920x1080 to see if the crash occurs at that resolution?

Ticket Reference ID: 33487



I will give it another shot at 1080p and see if the crash occurs.
So far I only recorded CSGO, but I had no problems before interchanging the displays (I am 32yo, my eye sight is not as good as before and I need a bigger display to be able to play properly). My other display is 21.5", 1080p.

The problem is like this: I start plating, starts recording. At a random time the game crashes and I need to force close it (the exe is still in wtm eating memory like Chrome with 2 tabs - that's 1.5GB - but the game is no longer present). If I restart just the game, I have a ton of artifacts on the screen and after about 3 minutes of salt thrown in my face (I'm recording in Silver league so this is no news) I get a lovely blue screen. You can imagine that I don't spend too much time seeing what the error is, I just restart the PC and launch the game again to avoid a cooldown for abandoning the game.


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If it matters, my PC specs are as follows:

MB: AsRock 970pro R2.0
CPU: AMD FX 8350 with Noctua NH-D14 (so no thermal throttle there)
GPU: AMD R9 280x OC (Gigabyte)
RAM: 16GB DDR3 1866MHz Kingston, Dual Channel
HDD: 240GB SSD Kingston (from which I run Steam games)
PSU: Antec TP-750C 750W 80 Gold Plus (No power problems whatsoever)
Displays: One 1920x1200 primary and one 1920x1080 secondary.


Do you apply any overclocking to your GPU?

Any chance you can provide information as to what is crashing when it BSOD's as well?

No OC on my GPU, it's running at factory settings (it's pretty powerful as it is) since I'm using my PC for work and casual gaming (I'm a designer). If the crash happens again I will make sure to take a picture of it.


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