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Hearthstone Recordings don't stop?

Is there a way for hearthstone recording to start once I enter a match and end once someone gets defeated?

It starts up when the game starts up and doesn't end until I exit the whole client. 

Like, I kinda wish it worked like how it works with league, starts when match starts, ends when match ends.

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Hi ConcealedCarry!

  There's no option for that, sorry. The unique recording start for LoL and CS:GO that omits the lobby is because of how we're collecting match data for those titles. 

It sounds like you're using session recordings of the whole session. If you switch to Video Capture, you can set a duration for the highlight, and after a nice play you hit the hotkey which will capture that (x) number of seconds. That may be a better way to capture for you. I haven't tried Hearthstone so I'm not sure how the flow would go.

Have a great day!

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