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Recorded League videos not showing up

Ever since I've downloaded I haven't been able to view any of my videos that have been "recorded".

Before every game begins there is a tab that pops up that says the usual " is Recording" however, after every game my client pops up blank with a "no saved game session" message. My brother who has also downloaded ( and works on a different laptop) seems to have no trouble with videos appearing immediately after games so I'm unsure if this has anything to do with either my preset settings or laptop in general. I should mention that I've tried reinstalling and have made no progress.

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yea i think i might have the same problem, unfortunately it seem their support is MIA.

got the same problem.. although i press the record button multiple times..nothin is saved or popped up at the client.. it still has that message" The rest is up to you" bla bla bla



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