"This summoner name is already linked to a different Plays.tv account. Either log into that Plays.tv account to disconnect it, or contact customer service."

League of Legends Summoners can only be linked to a single Plays.tv account at a time. But Plays.tv accounts may have as many Summoners connected as you want.

If you have multiple Plays.tv Accounts, you may have previously linked the Summoner to another account.To get around this:

  • Log into the other Plays.tv account with the client
  • In the Accounts tab of the preferences, you can find the linked summoner and hit the Disconnect button, as seen below.

That will free up the Summoner to be bound to your other account.

If the account that has your League Summoner Name bound to it has been deactivated, you will be unable to log into it and will require Customer Service to help. Please create a support ticket and provide the following information:

  • Your Plays.tv Username
  • The League of Legends Summoner that you are trying to bind
  • If possible, please provide proof that you have access to the League of Legends account (a screenshot of you logged in showing the username works very well!)

Here is the link to where you can create a Support Ticket: Submit a Ticket