First, you will want to ensure that you are meeting system requirements, and that your system is not falling back to Software Encoding first: System Requirements Page

If you believe you meet system requirements, check to see if the following applies to your PC:

  • Are your video drivers up to date?
  • Are you using a dual-gpu system (Crossfire / SLI)?
  • Are you currently over-clocking or under-clocking your system in any way?
  • Do you have another recording program running, even if you're unaware of it? (Microsoft Game DVR is notorious for automatically turning on)
  • Are there any other programs on your PC that might integrate with the game itself, or with the GPU? (This includes Screenshot programs, Screen Recorders, FPS overlays, some Game Mods, etc)

For personal troubleshooting, we recommend trying things like disabling any program you think may interfere. If you continue to have issues despite following the above instruction, we can still help!

Please contact us by creating a Support Ticket with your Logs attached so we can investigate this further. How to Send in Client Logs