Once you have a video recorded and showing inside the Plays.tv Session View, you can start editing what clip you want to share. First click on the Session to bring it up in the Video Editing panel on the right.

  1. Play Button - Pressing this will begin playing the video at the selected time ()
  2. Rewind 5 Seconds - This will take the current selected time and go back exactly 5 seconds. 
  3. Play (Increased Speed) - You can play your footage at 2x, 4x and 8x Speed to find certain moments faster.
  4. Timeline - This is the entirety of the Recorded Session. Inside of it you'll find the current selected time (with the ability to add a bookmark at it's location) and bookmarks which have already been placed.
    (Hint: You can Ctrl + Click multiple Pins to create a montage inside a single Session)
  5. Bookmark Filter - This allows you to filter out specific bookmarks that may be automatically placed in some game sessions. Here is a view of it opened up:
  6. Minimalist Volume Bar - Allows you to quickly adjust the volume to better suit your audio system
  7. Full-screen Button - Pressing this will expand the current video to cover the entire screen. (You can still see the Timeline while Full-screened)

Zoomed Timeline

This is where you can be more detailed about the time of your clip. Left click and holding on the yellow edges allow you to adjust either the start or stop time. Clicking on the yellow Play Button inside of the frame will start playing only the selected timeline. If you want to upload more than just 1 minute, use the Zoom tool to adjust how much of the total video is shown inside of the Zoomed Timeline.

Once you have the clip selected that you want to upload, it's time to Share it!

  1. Video Title - Here is where you'll place the Title of your Video. You can also include @Mentions and #Hashtags
  2. Game Title - The title of the game you are playing will appear here. If Plays.tv was unable to determine what game it was, you can insert the game title manually.
  3. Share Buttons - If you have your Social Accounts connected to Plays.tv, you can additionally share your uploaded video to Facebook and Twitter.

After that, just hit the 'Save to Plays.tv' button and let it upload. Be aware, that once it says your video has uploaded completely and you can view it on the website, you may have to wait a bit longer to get the full resolution and quality.