Error 20032 is the most common error that we see. The reason for that is because it can occur if anything interferes and stops the recording process. Here are some of the most common reasons we see Error 20032:

3rd Party Applications/Recorders
Anything that could also be hooking into the game could cause it to "kick out" from recording. Even if it does not occur at first, doing something like Alt-Tabbing can trigger it upon returning into the game. Some examples of these:
  • Video Recorders (Nvidia Share/Shadowplay, AMD ReLive, OBS, Windows 10 Game DVR, etc)
  • Chat Overlays (Discord, Curse, Overwolf, etc)
  • FPS Overlays / Overclockers (MSI Afterburner, RivaTuner, etc)
  • Screenshot Programs (Lightshot, ShareX, etc)
  • Software that could drastically change Resolution (Display Fusion, etc)

Crossfire/SLI Configurations

This is when you are utilizing two video cards in the same PC to enhance it's graphics capability. This is not an Intel Chipset + AMD/Nvidia GPU, but typically it's two of the same Graphics Cards. We have not tested all possible configurations so it's possible there may be some that do work. If you are using this type of configuration, try disabling it temporarily to see if that removes Error 20032.

Old Windows 10 Version

If Windows 10 is on Build 10586 or older, it could run across Error 20032. We recommend updating to the Anniversary Edition (Build 14393 or newer).

Out of Date Video Drivers

We recommend updating your video drivers if you have not done so already:

We do what we can to keep this article up to date, but we have found other reasons why Error 20032 can occur. If none of the above applies to you we recommend recreating the error so that just recently happened, and then sending us a Support Ticket with Logs attached.

How to Send Client Logs