Although somewhat similar to the 'Not Able to Record' article, this will focus primarily on issues where you can record gameplay, but it either stops when you don't want it to, or only works sometimes. Here are things to check for or change:

  • Is there a 3rd party program that might be causing a conflict? (Other Recorders, Screen Capturing Tools, In-game Overlays, etc)
  • Is the game you're recording getting detected properly? (It will usually only record for about 1-2 minutes before stopping)
  • Did you Alt-Tab or change the focus from the game? Did you change Resolutions?
  • Some Games (like Overwatch) require a certain Windows Update on Windows 7. (You would need the Windows Update containing "KB2670838": LINK)

3rd Party Programs causing interference is the #1 reason why Recording can be stopped or altered for

You may also want to look at our Problematic Games list to see if your game is listed there: Problematic Games List

If this, or the other articles, did not help you with your issue you can create a Support Ticket with Logs so we can investigate further: LINK