With the release of 1.20 of the Plays.tv client, you can now add a personalized intro for the champion you play on League of Legends.  The intros show your name, character you played and the main event in the highlight.  Here are 2 examples:

To enable this New Feature, your video will have to meet the following criteria:

  1. The Video has to be from League of Legends, and detected correctly.
  2. The Client must have collected metadata (pins) from the match.
    (You do not need to have your League of Legends account bound to get the option for intros)

Once you've met the above requirements, before you upload the video you will be provided with a checkbox above the 'Share' Button to Include Champion Intro.

(Note: The Champion Introductions will only appear once the video has uploaded. It does not attach itself to the file on your PC)