Plays App Update 2.0.5 (December 3, 2018)

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  • Spectate is now unlocked for all users! We hope you enjoy both Hosting and Spectating with your friends. For more information, check out our article.
  • Even if you're not logged into your Plays account, you can now still spectate someone's stream.
  • Added in a volume slider for the Spectate sound effects.


  • We've made changes to help improve logging in and connecting social accounts.
  • General improvements around Spectate.
  • Improved performance around launching the app.

Bug Fixes

  • Users who follow only games/champions will no longer see weirdness in their profile.
  • Addressed some issues around laggy video playback.
  • Alert banners now will not overlap the buddy list.
  • Fix added to help with an issue where the Plays app would incorrectly state that it did not have a connection to the internet.

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