Beta Update 0.2.1 (Mar 6, 2018)


  • You can now watch what just happened while in game with Instant Replay! Also added in support for Windows 8.1 users.

  • Now you can share your clips directly to FACEIT from the beta. 

  • Saved clips now include any bookmarks and data that the recording included

  • Plays now supports automatic recording and detection of thousands of games

  • You can now start the app in a minimized state


  • Improved the post game behavior-now when a new video is available, the task bar will indicate by blinking orange, but will not steal focus from your game or other apps

  • Made the timeline zoom feature and playback of automatic bookmarks more intuitive. Thanks for the feedback.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where alt-tabbing in League of Legends caused crashing.  Please be aware that Discord’s overlay may impact gameplay.  See Riot’s advice on handling the issue here

  • Fixed some bugs where in Overwatch, if Plays was running, sometimes mouse controls and sensitivity could be affected.

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