Beta Update 0.2.0 (Feb 19, 2018)


  • You can now watch what just happened while in game with Instant Replay!
  • Now you can share your clips directly to FACEIT from the beta
  • Saved clips now include any bookmarks and data that the recording included
  • Plays now supports automatic recording and detection of thousands of games
  • You can now start the app in a minimized state

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where when you came out of a game, occasionally the app would appear frozen until you restart the app.

  • Fixed a bug where automatic bookmarks were not always appearing in the filters section of the timeline.

  • Fixed a bug where the delete video bar remained after deleting video, getting in your way!

  • Fixed a bug where after deleting a video, the message bar was not updating properly.

  • Fixed a bug where unlisted videos were incorrectly showing in the "My Videos" tab of the profile.

  • Fixed various Alt-Tab bugs.


  • Made Plays even more lightweight for recording your games.

  • Various upload enhancements to make uploading faster

  • Improved the post game behavior - Now when a new video is available, the task bar will indicate by blinking orange, but will not steal focus from your game or other apps.

  • Made the timeline zoom feature more intuitive. (Thanks for the feedback!)

  • Worked with Easy Anti-cheat to be whitelisted for their supported games. Please note, there may be a few they are still working on. Thanks for your patience!

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