You may have recently downloaded the Plays Beta App and wondered what major differences there are from the older Client. Keep in mind that we're still currently working on the Plays Beta App and are very aware that it currently does not have all the features from the previous client. Here is a minor list of differences you might see.

New Features

  • Instant Replay, you can rewatch up to the last 90 seconds  right in your game and we’ll create a clip or bookmark depending on your recording mode for you to review later.
  • Added League of Legends Stats right next to your footage for supported modes.
  • Added new ways to manage your videos including different views and ways to bulk delete
  • Auto Manage your videos now includes a time parameter so you can determine to delete after a certain amount of days
  • Hotkeys help you navigate through your footage when editing your videos
  • Save up to the the last 10 minutes that just happened in your game in either Manual or Automatic recording modes by using the Save Clip hotkey.
  • Bookmarks & Saving Clips usable with both Manual and Automatic Recording
  • Add short notes on bookmarks while editing footage
  • See your profile and uploaded videos from the app
  • Submit a ticket that includes your logs by going to Settings > Help and sending us a message about your issue or feedback.

Missing Features

  • 3rd Party Video Folders
  • DotA 2 Automatic Bookmarks
  • Game Account Binding (League of Legends, CSGO, Overwatch)
  • League of Legends Video Intros
  • Localization/Language support
  • Push-to-Talk
  • One click Social Sharing integrations (Twitter, Facebook)
  • Sharing to Youtube
  • Stickers & Text in Video Editing
  • Watermark
  • Webcam support