If you are a used to using the older Plays.tv client, here are a few things that may help you be successful with the Beta App.

  1. What are my installation options?

    1. No custom installation locations are currently supported, but you can define where you want your recordings and temporary files to be, by accessing Settings/Advanced/Folders

    2. If you are in the private beta, we will attempt to migrate Plays beta application data (League matches, CS:GO matches, Settings, etc), however errors may occur. If it fails for some reason, you may have to login and update your Settings, including where your videos are stored. 

  2. Important note before your record:

    1. Make sure you quit any previous version of Plays so they aren’t running at the same time. Also check out the Common Apps that cause conflicts FAQ and quit any of those before launching.

  3. Are there any limitations to functionality while scanning is occurring?

    1. We don’t recommend changing the location of where you want your videos stored (under Setting/Advanced/Folders) while scanning is occurring. 

  4. Migration of Plays.tv client to the Plays beta application

    1. Folders. We recommend having a separate folder for the videos you create with the Plays beta.

    2. Data.  All bookmarks and match data will not be able to be read by the beta.  You can still see all your match data in the original Plays.tv client. Any new recordings by the Plays beta app that includes new automatic bookmarks for League of Legends and CS:GO match data will only be visible in the beta app.

  5. Game Unknown

    1. If you experience an issue where the videos in your Recordings view shows “Game Unknown”, check out the article on how to resolve.

  6. Where can I learn more about the new Instant Replay Feature?

    1. Check out this feature overview article, here.

  7. What features are not currently supported?

    • Push-to-talk recording option

    • YouTube, Facebook, Twitter sharing integrations

    • Exploring new content in App

    • DOTA 2 integration (automatic bookmarks of kills)

    • Webcam

    • Stickers & Text editing options

    • 3rd Party Video folders

    • Game & Account connections & management inside the app.

  8. Will any of these features be available/coming back in the future?

    1. We are working to prioritize the most important features. Feel free to send us feedback on any of existing or desired features for the beta.

  9. Authorized Game connections, will they still work with the beta?

    1. While at this time we do not offer the ability to manage your connected game account, if you have connected in the Plays.tv client, your connection will remain while using the Plays beta.