The Auto Manage Space feature for Plays Beta app allows you options for when videos can get automatically deleted in order to save space on your hard drives. It works similar to the older Legacy Client version, but with a few new additions. To access Auto Manage Space preferences, go into your Settings > Advanced > Storage

Once it is enabled, you must choose one of the settings mentioned; "Default" or "Custom".

  • Default will only start deleting videos once the drive they are saved on is over 90% of its total capacity. This will ensure that you can still record quite a few videos depending on your drive, but should not completely fill it.
  • Custom allows you to set the limit. You are given two options: "Storage Space" and "Keep Recordings for"
    • Storage Space focuses on the size of the video directory. Once Plays videos have exceeded the amount you set, it will begin deleting older videos.
    • Keep Recordings for allows you to set how long you want videos to stick around based on time. So for example, you could set it to 30 days. Once a video is 30 days or older, it will be deleted.


Can I only use Storage Space or Keep Recordings for?

You can use just one, or both at the same time. For example, you could set it to delete videos if it gets over 100GB, or if they're older than 30 days.

What if set both Storage Space and Keep Recordings for to 0?

Setting either of them to 0 will instead present you with an "infinite" symbol: ∞

However, if you try to set both of them to 0, it will present you with an error since having both set to infinite would be the same as not having it on at all.

What happens when a video gets deleted? Is it gone forever?

The outcome can depend on your drive space. By default, all videos that are auto-deleted by Plays will go to your Recycle Bin. However, if Plays has to delete a large amount of videos (roughly >10% of your drive space) Windows may instead automatically delete them and they won't be recoverable unless you back-up your system.

Note: Even if a video is recovered from the Recycle Bin, it may not be able to be viewed or edited in the Plays app. We are looking to potentially fix this in the future, and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

My Auto Manage Space doesn't look like this. Why?

You may be on the Legacy Client which looks and acts slightly different. Make sure to check its article for instruction on that.

If you are sure that you're using the Beta App, make sure you are on version 0.3.4 or higher. You can check this by going to Settings > Help and checking the "Version" near the bottom.