World of Warcraft not Recording

With the release of WoW's expansion Battle for Azeroth, it added in the ability to play World of Warcraft in DirectX12. While we have tested Plays with DirectX12 games, World of Warcraft appears to be doing this in a slightly different way. Initially, it was causing World of Warcraft to crash. To protect the game from crashing we have currently disabled DirectX12 recording support for it. If you would still like to record Battle for Azeroth with Plays Beta, then you would have to play World of Warcraft in DirectX11. We are still investigating the issue and hopeful to find a method to record it in DX12.

Pixelated Videos

The symptom is that your video will have multi-colored pixels scattered on the final video. In the past, this issue was typically caused by Intel and Nvidia drivers not playing well, and was fixed with reinstalling/updating those drivers. Since 0.3.6 there has been an increasing report of videos like this, and some that don't have Intel CPUs. We are investigating further.

Fix ETA: Unknown

Mouse Cursor Flickering

Reports from users indicate that the mouse cursor will flicker rapidly. In some cases it only happens in-game, and in other cases it happens even on the desktop as long as Plays is open. As of right now, we're still unsure how or why this is being caused. If you have any indications or ideas, we would love to hear it.

Fix ETA: Unknown

These are issues that we receive multiple reports of and typically follow a similar symptom, and have some matching data to support it. It does not contain issues with vague symptoms ("Not Recording", "Unable to Upload", etc) unless we have a specific reason why it is happening (Affecting a specific game, certain hardware, etc).

Keep in mind that we cannot place every single known and historic issue here. While we may not have a list of all games that are known to have issues, we will try to list games that are being specifically affected recently including new releases. We also may not list some trending issues if we're unaware of a common factor yet. If you are having a bug, and you are not seeing your issue listed here or don't think it applies to you, then we highly recommend making a user ticket with logs attached. How do I send Client Logs?