Q. Where did my old Plays client go? How can I get it back?

We have officially sunset the old Plays.tv desktop client.  We will no longer be supporting that version and are migrating everyone to the all new Plays app.

Q. Will my session/clipped videos be available in the new Plays app?

Your videos are still available locally. However, we have not migrated these videos and they are not able to be viewed in the new app. We do have plans to allow users to import videos from 3rd party folders in the future, and videos created from the sunset version of the Plays app can be imported at that time.

Q. Why did the Plays icon change?

We’ve updated our brand! You can read more about what inspired our new look here.

Q. There was a problem updating to the new version. How can I manually install the newest Plays app?

Check out this article to ensure you have properly uninstalled the old Plays.tv client.  Then download the all new Plays app here.

Q. Can I run both Plays clients at the same time (the old and the new)?

Possibly. You should not be able to after the update, but if for some reason your update failed and you are still seeing the old version of Plays.tv, you will most likely encounter various issues including not being able to record. We recommend that you uninstall the old Plays.tv client and make sure you download the new Plays app.

Q. How can I manually migrate my videos from the old Plays client to the new Plays app?

This cannot be done at this time. Stay tuned for feature announcements on when this will become available.

Q. What are the differences between the old Plays client and the new Plays app?

You can find a full list of the differences in features HERE.