First, use as you normally would to capture your gameplay footage. Edit your video to the duration you wish to save and share.

To start the upload to YouTube, follow these steps:

1) On the left side of the interface, right-click on the clip you wish to upload. Choose "Upload to YouTube".

2) The uploading window will come up, showing your selected video. Add a Video Title to the clip.

3) If you are not logged into your YouTube account, hit the "Log in" link (shown above in the bottom left). A Google Sign-in window will appear. Type in your YouTube username and Password.

4) You will then need to hit the Allow button to let have access your YouTube account. (This gives the app permission to post to YouTube on your behalf.)

5) will now properly show your Google Account in the bottom left. Now, hit the "Upload to YouTube" button.

6) will then go through two progress bars to Optimize and Upload the clip to YouTube. (This may take some time based on your connection speed.)

7) Once it completes, press the "See it on YouTube" button to go to the clip on YouTube. You are done!